GIRS - Geographic Information and Remote Sensing Systems

GIRS (Geographic Information and Remote Sensing) is basically a wrapper around osgeo/gdal and osgeo/ogr written in python. GIRS is being developed to support operational geoprocessing. It is a python standalone application, i.e. not embeeded in a GIS or remote sensing software, .

pywarsa - water system analysis

pywarsa provides is a python software for water resources system analysis.

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Sucuri - spatial and temporal analysis for ANA-data

HydroCST - a telemetry system for hydro-meteorological stations


  • System to retrieve, store, and transmit data from sensors using Cinterion products
  • GPRS (ftp) and GSM (SMS) transmission
  • SMS operated
  • Low cost and robust
  • Open source, written in Java

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SAP-Limpopo - a system to retrieve, analyze, and visualize hydrometeorological data


  • Retrieve data from telemetric stations from ARA-Sul in the Mozambican part of the Limpopo River Basin
  • Retrieve data from telemetric stations from DWAF in the South African part of the Limpopo River Basin
  • Merge and aggregate time series
  • Threshold analysis for flood warning systems
  • Create precipitation maps from ground and satellite-based data

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Flow direction in flat areas

Development of an algorithm to determine flow direction in flat areas. Written in C++.

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