GIRS 0.1.0 (beta)

girs (Geographic Information and Remote Sensing) is a wrapper around gdal/ogr written in python with additional geoprocessing algorithms.


  1. Python bindings crashes if not used correctly. A wrapper class maintains the scope of gdal/ogr dataset, avoiding known gotchas (see
  2. It is repository for diverse gdal and ogr geoprocessing methods
  3. It contains additional methods, extending gdal/ogr features.

GIRS supports operational geoprocessing using gdal/ogr.

GIRS is licensed under MIT license (

Package structure

GIRS is divided into the following packages:

  • feat: feature data geoprocessing (ogr)
  • raster: raster data geoprocessing (gdal)
  • rasterfeat: geoprocessing combining features and rasters (ogr/gdal)

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