Capacity building

Training courses

We offer courses to small groups in the following topics, allways with applications in water resources management:

  • Water Resources Management

  • Flood Management

  • Geographic Information Systems (applied to water resources management)

  • Geoprocessing with Python (applied to water resources management)

Technical visits

International aid agencies, trade fair and international governments frequently organize technical visits in Germany or Europe. The objectives are for example to show institutional arrangements and legal frameworks, best available technologies, management practices, but also to not repeat errors done here in the past.

WARSA supports technical visits in the field of Integrated Water Reources Management, preparing the technical program and executing part of it. For topics like IWRM or flood management, a technical visit consists of:

  1. Showing the institutional and legal framework in Germany

  2. Visiting plant and talking to stakeholders at different levels: federal and state institutions, water agencies, water related services, private companies providing equipments, water suppliers, urban drainage companies, etc.

  3. Discussing critically opportunities and adaptation strategies in the context of the visitors’ countries

  4. Elaboration of reports about the technical visits